hugs from me and my hubby…. i have made it three times in the past 4 days. Thanks! However, I would recommend using fresh ingredients rather than canned for a healthier and fresher flavor…always! Thanks for sharing. If you want it hotter, choose the hot version of Rotel and add some more jalapeno than called for! This is my favorite kind of salsa (though almost all are good in their own way), but definitely trying with the honey. Agreed, but this salsa is great in the dead of winter when the tomatoes aren’t looking their best! Feel free to leave the acid out. I used fresh tomatoes from the garden added a bit more cumin and 1 Chilpotle Pepper in Adobe sauce that gave it a amazing smokey flavor. Whirl in half a can of artichoke hearts. And it’s delicious! Thank you thank you! Is there something else that could be done without really altering this recipe just to thicken it up a bit? Will it lose that taste after it marinades for a while? I did a quick search and came to your recipe. I could survive on salsa and chips alone! Thank you for such a great recipe! Plus you can cook with our salsa as well…spaghetti, chili, red beans and rice to mention a few. Thanks for such an awesome EASY recipe!! Wow! I always double the recipe when I make it so I can share with friends and family. Thanks for sharing. You would need to modify the recipe in order to can it safely. This is incredible! Pulse for 30 seconds and that’s it.I’ve been known to throw in half a cucumber and a carrot before too. My fiance calls it cheater salsa (but he keeps asking me to make it!) I’ve never used the honey (but I’m going to try) I roast my garlic first & we like it hot so i use a whole jalapeno & a whole serrano pepper but my “secret” ingredient is to toss in a corn tortilla in the blender with everything. I’m usually a pico de gallo gal, but you’re right, it’s hard during the winter. i just put some extra sugar in to balance it. Gives it some extra spice and flavor. It’s so refreshing, especially on a hot day! Can you can this salsa??? I found it on Pinterest, and made it right away. This salsa is the most amazing thing ever!!! Ah, thanks! I made this two days ago (minus the lime..’cause I just didn’t have it) and my family devoured it!! Water doesn’t clean that from your hands, rubbing alcohol does. Thank you for this recipe. Try adding 1 table spoon of cumin and 1/4 cup of minced garlic.Its all most the exact recipe I use. It sweet like honey made from a cactus plant. This is perfect for friends coming over to watch football. It was great like this and people at our football party loved it. Have not canned this particular recipe. Thank you for sharing. I live in Houston where we have some of the great Mexican restaurants, and this salsa was absolutely comparable. It’s unanimous. I just made this and oh my it is AMAZING! They would stock up on the way home . A suggestion to add more flavor is to roast the jalapeño and roast poblano peppers. I found this recipe from Pinterest and I cannot believe how good it tastes. 2 tablespoons minced ginger I didn’t have a jalapeno on hand so I improvised and used sriracha sauce instead…it turned out great! Thanks for sharing! Probably a silly question…I’ve received a large quantity of tomatoes from a generous neighbor. It’s been some time since you posted this, but I wanted to add my thanks to the others. Refrigerate–it thickens and flavors blend. Can’t wait to try it! hey! This is exactly what I like salsa to be! I’m so glad you like it. If you raised your hand we might have to stop being friends. Has anyone ever tried to can this? Yummy! Thanks! The picture above shows the rough texture you want. can’t wait to try thi! Caitlin. i was wondering if anyone put these in jars and canned them thanks. 1 ⁄ 2. lime, juice of. Oh, it’s not any good after being frozen. BRAVO and thanks for sharing it This ones going in my recipe tin FOR SURE! I use a jar of medium or hot Herdez salsa and two cans of el pato sauce and everything she uses except the honey and tons and tons of lime juice. I’ve never added rotel to mine, and honey either! And me and my 10 year old son finished off the second bowl the next night with dinner. Start with one or the other and see how it works. I will never buy salsa again!!! Just think of how good it will be when tomatoes are in season!! 1 teaspoon kosher salt Totally going to try this soon! I think next time I may try the mild Ro-tel and add a touch more honey. YUM! It was pretty good! Made this in about three minutes. THANKS for sharing this recipe!! Taste for seasoning and adjust to taste. So good! Add 2 T white vinegar and 1 tsp mesquite liquid smoke, hit it with a stick blender, and you have a deadringer for the salsa they serve at Chevy’s restaurant. This recipe looks so good! Looks yummy. or just put it all in there, juice n all? Reducing the amount of tomatoes makes this cucumber salsa recipe have about half the carbs as the red kind. serves 12. Thanks! Great base & can see making this with a combo of fresh/canned ingredients. I’m going to give myself that gift!!! I guess my love for chips/nachos, anything crunchy and salty will make us friends one day And easy too! I love salsa. High Altitude Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies, © 2020 Mountain Mama Cooks. Everyone loved it including my husband! It’s a go to recipe of mine when we have a houseful of guests. . Cook for 6 minutes on each side or until done, and remove from heat. Sometimes I serve it along side a bowl of queso, yummy! So glad you’re enjoying it!! I bought the diced tomatoes for salsa do i need to use the food processor since already diced in up? I love making my own salsa. Chunky salsa makes me gag. Honestly, I wouldn’t use dried cilantro. OHMYGOODNESS, this stuff is amazing!!! Chop up velveeta (2%) and mix with can of rotel and microwave for 5 minutes. I used fire roasted tomatoes w/ green chilis (instead of Rotel) and a large shallot (instead of small onion) since that’s what I had on hand, FYI. Thanks for leaving such a kind comment!! A blend of crunchy cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, jalapeño, herbs and seasonings… it’s also a perfect addition to grilled fish or fish tacos. I just want to let you know this is now my go to recipe for salsa. Sweet flavor takes away some of the hot spicy power of the pepper from the capsaicin. 1 can Rotell tomatoes (stewed or Mexican) Enjoy it within the week! I add extra salt and lime, but that’s just me. Sitting here eating a bowl as I type. Thanks! I love the idea of heating them up first! What would you say is the spice level of this salsa? I do the same recipe but without the honey and cumin, but all fresh roasted ingredients and a secret ingredient a shot of good tequila! I have a ton of tomatoes from the garden, instead of canned tomatoes how many fresh tomatoes would you recommend using? I’m going to try that this summer. I saw a few posts asking about canning, but do you think this could be frozen? Roast them until the outsideskin is blackened. I make salsa similar to this when tomatoes are out of season. This one is a keeper! last night i got a baking dish threw in half cup brown rice, cup of chicken broth, 1/3 cup corn, then slathered this salsa on top of my frozen chicken and covered it then let it cook for like an hr and a half OMGolly! I LOVE salsa & I have to say that this is the best salsa (& the easiest to make!) I would just try some to see if freezing changes it much. You’re more than welcome to link back to my recipe but I’d rather you not share the exact recipe on your site. Chop up the cucumbers, onions, jalapeños, bell pepper, and tomatoes (see beautiful picture below!). Very flavorful and colorful! Thank you for sharing this. You just made my day!!! I never post comments but this recipe deserved a comment. I tried this with fresh tomatoes and a little bit of water. Thanks!!! Fabbo. I freeze my tomatoes all the time that have only been heated to boiling, Adding 1/2-1 tsp. It is filling and low in calories. It totally tastes like Mexican Village or Lacasit’s salsa. Made this last night so that I can take it to a party tomorrow. i hope at least you live close to the border lol. Thanks so much for this awesome recipe. How long does this last and is there anyway to store it to last a long time. Roasted a can of whole tomatoes, the onions, jalepeno pepper and garlic first. Also, tonight I tried mixing it with a avocado and it made a pretty tasty guacamole. (I don’t handle spice well at all) but my husband thought it was fantastic. My tastebuds are dancing!! Thank you! So delicious! Best salsa I’ve made. This was my first I’m sure of many I will enjoy. Put all the ingredients in the base of a food processor or good blender and pulse to combine for 30 seconds or so until all the ingredients are finely chopped and salsa is desired consistency. While tomato mixture is simmering, prepare canner, jars and lids (see note for a tutorial for water-bath canning). Its delicious!! I am going to try this recipe but by roasting and using fresh ingredients. I rarely leave comments and feedback on recipes, but I had to stop by and tell you…I found this on Pinterest and made it this weekend for family and friends. Salsa is my next canning project. Thanks for the recipe . I was wondering if I can, can it? tom, My brother and sister-in-law also couldn’t get Rotel in upstate New York. I put it on an enchilada tonight. I would advise to do it in two batches! ★☆ It’s gives it a lot of heat without having to use many jalapenos. Add all the remaining ingredients and stir until well mixed. It was so good I even did a blog post and linked back to your site (giving you full credit, of course). Still here, and a sign that my gratitude is long overdue. (Mexican isn’t easily found, here.) It’s the perfect kind of recipe to customize to your liking! Thanks for a great recipe, it’s simple, quick to make and good. I also didn’t have fresh cilantro so used 2-3 Tbsp dried cilantro. I did have everything on hand and made it as soon as i came across this on pinterest. I need 2 and a half cups for an enchilada recipe and it would be great! Thanks so much! seemed totally foreign to me but i had ancestors from germany living in Texas so good I crave it now! Hate to throw it away. Yeah for canned tomatoes!!! I keep jalapeño powder and freeze-dried cilantro on hand, so I can always make this in a jiffy, even if I don’t have fresh ingredients. So glad you liked it- improvisations are always great! Thank you for sharing such an easy recipe with all of us! We like our SALSA chunky! thanks for sharing! I am going to try freezing it. . Thanks! Thinking Christmas gifts…. So glad you liked it! Oh and I just have a mini food processor. Make sure you’ve got something to serve at half time because this won’t last through the first quarter.