Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), savaged the company’s awful “Truth Tellers” ads,, grown-up crybabies whinging about car insurance before the Statue of Liberty,,,, Liberty Mutual ad review: no safe harbor from bad humor, A digital effects company called The Mill created the visual wizardry,,, Ear-ritating: How TV advertisers use sound to get our attention, more pervasive, annoying, and intrusive than ever,, “big calves” and “witness protection” ads, Ad Review: Liberty Mutual’s LiMu Emu is Lame-O, Progressive's 'Motaur' ads are too clever by half, Ad Review: Tonal TV commercial shows and tells, Liberty Mutual Ad Review: Zoltar, bad actors, and other dumb ideas, [Free download] Marketing creative brief template. So sad to be you. He’s confusing them with cassowaries, which have killed people. To me, the whole concept seems tortured and overwrought, as if the creatives at Goodby were strapped for ideas but had to come up with something. That they’re outdated. Their agency or whoever is responsible for these “ads” is totally ruining their brand image. I got one of those helmets coming in the mail if i have to see one more of those liberty commercials. I have always hated their commercials. I came across a poultry sanctuary that has written LM about their ads, and the president of the organization has encouraged their readers to do the same. better an emu than a girl running around half dressed. Meet LiMu Emu and Doug, Liberty Mutual’s new dynamic duo with one mission: to help people customize their insurance so they only pay for what they need. If they want to do comedy, they should go to Hollywood or try their luck at an open mike night near their office. Doug’s wife and LiMu’s wife both look on from the audience. And GEICO’s new “Pinocchio” ads . A: The "LiMu Emu," featured in ads for Liberty Mutual Insurance, has been a big hit for the company, which has gotten requests for emu-themed merchandise and has plans for more emu commercials later this summer. Keep seeing this car from LiMu Emu. This had to be a whole lot less costly to produce and could be tailored to the run time. I agree with many others – we’re just at a point where there’s a lot of millennials now entering the boardrooms, making pitches and making decisions. But the newer ones, like “Out of Your Control,” are undeniably dopey. “The last couple of weeks,” James? And I can tell you firsthand, My Pillows are legit. Pre-Owned. = Is Doug real ? I remember the days when jingles were catchy little tunes with words. They are not. I can save you.” From the facial expression of the women in the car, they … Ever wondered what your alt mode would be if you were a Transformer? Not cool. Uncommon Journalism posted an article about my battle with Liberty Mutual over their Limu Emu and Doug vs my O’Ryan and his Ostrich. I noticed that too, Anonymous. Bottom line is, a company isn’t going to waste time or money churning out the same commercial over a long period of time (like Limu Emu) unless they’re getting paid and a growing customer base. They don’t even try to communicate a compelling reason to choose Liberty over its competitors. At times, it even makes sense. Watch; T M U S p o n N s P Y Y W o r 9 X 8 e d. Vintage 1993 Single Stitch Fruit Of The Loom Best 50/50 XL Black T Shirt EMU J&J. Thanks for the rant (this blog is surely the place for it) and I’m glad it made you feel better! Great post, Mary. What a disaster. Can you find the video for this one and share here? I took the time to register my opinion on their ad campaign with Mr. Greenberg (his out-of-office auto-reply stated he will return on July 13th). And the one with the “hot guy” who can’t say his lines and the irritated director has started playing before youtube videos…it’s so annoying…she’s started saying take 96 in the most annoyed voice, which make me annoyed and I get so annoyed at Liberty Mutual for making me watch 5 seconds of the stupid ad…I have very negative feelings toward them. I enjoy the commercials. But I suspect that a simple testimonial campaign would be considered boring or lazy by most advertising and marketing people today. Have you sought legal counsel? You certainly know your Liberty Mutual ad history. Oh, Earl, I’m way past the helmets. Ditto on the pseudo science shows — both the programming and the advertising. The question is, Ann: Would you have liked Cassidy from Law and Order more if he had had an emu as a partner? 00:00 LiMu Emu and Doug 00: Some you can’t even tell what they are trying to sell you! But wait, I have a sudden urge to go download Microsoft Teams on my PC. Don’t call a summit of “stakeholders.” Call Disney. I’m sure Liberty Mutual has someone monitoring blogs and social media for discussions about their ads. They are in competition with Joe Namath and Tom Selleck for Dumb Ass of the year. Every new Liberty Mutual ad seems to be stupider than the last! I find some of their commercials annoying, but I understand that’s an opinion and nothing more. I really didn’t associate any of their commercials with Liberty. Once again, there is no mention of key business metrics such as increased calls for quote requests or, Heaven forbid, sales. Because of this ad, I am NEVER going to purchase insurance from Liberty Mutual. I can save you.” From the facial expression of the women in the car, … Do they care? I’m going to do advertisers a favor here and highlight one key thing you said: “Why do these people think we buy insurance? But I think you might change your mind about emus being the funniest-looking birds. They could still produce cheap commercials with a clever/more likeable concept. Yes, Bob, Liberty Mutual is really ramping up the frequency of its commercials for the start of the New Year. Phillips Milk of Magnesia. We’re hiring! Doesn’t appear to be very high on the food chain, doesn’t fly. The English-speaking GEICO gecko usually makes his point in a civilized manner, without a lot of shouting or commotion. In fact, it took a couple of painful viewings for me to realize that LiMu was short for Liberty Mutual. Wish there was a like button for this reply. More importantly, have the ads done anything to convince you to buy your insurance from Liberty Mutual? I’d love to hear from them. Here is a link to that goofy Right Guard ad. He’s making decent money from the ads, no doubt! If the object was to offend and annoy the audience, these insurance companies have succeeded beyond their wildest expectations!!! That means, it doesn’t matter what you or I say think or say about it. No way could I take this seriously! Is that the one with Doug and LiMu Emu on the motorcycle and the police “siren” whirring like a crackhead with a kazoo? Share Followers 0. It adds a certain 70’s hurry-up quality to LiMu and Doug. Appears sloppy and not so bright but ends up getting all the answers. Guess they have some mentally deficient ad men. I’ve got horrible ideas for less. Any ideas? Like them or not, the LiMu ads are generating attention. I hope they end up going out of business over this. That, and Bob Garfield’s And Now a Few Words From Me: Advertising’s Leading Ad Critic Lays Down the Law Once and For All. Tomorrow” from the musical Annie or “Trelegy, as easy as 1, 2, 3”. Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty!” It’s artless, bloodless, and cynical work, and no one involved in the creation of these ads is qualified to work any job more cerebral than dog catcher. Liberty’s commercials neither address consumer concerns nor give people reasons to feel good about buying the company’s insurance. And I created my share of goofy ads. How many times must we watch this ? “Give me your hand.” while the car is moving is antithetical not only to insurance but to rules of the road. Are there specific ads you like from the “Truth Tellers” campaign — the series of ads that takes place (supposedly) on a boardwalk in front of the Statue of Liberty? Read it here: No, it’s just an opinion whether we like it or not. So you’re more of a “Mayhem” gal, eh? They’re utterly unconcerned with the art and science of selling. DIY Limu Emu and Doug DIY Halloween Costume Yellow Button Down Shirt. He’s just trying to make a living. As a side note to car insurance, I keep telling people to not fall for the "save while you drive" scheme that Progressive started, with others like State Farm now following suit. Want to let Liberty Mutual know what you think? Hey, Ming. And I must say, the Liberty Mutual campaign withe the emu is one of the dumbest campaigns I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them in my 45 years in the biz. I have no intention on changing insurance nor would I base that decision off a commercial if I was. Thanks for the heads-up on the new ad. (A couple of people claiming to be Liberty Mutual employees have actually written in to say that they don’t like these ads, either.). Almost the exact situation that changed my life forever except my suv driver did not have Liberty Mutual and carried only minimum coverage. My guess is the marketing people at Liberty Mutual caught “mascot fever” and couldn’t resist the “LiMu” play on the company name. The bird’s name is pronounced e-MEW, not e-MOO. He’s a doll. I love the song! At my house, we’re recording more shows and watching them later when we can fast-forward through the dumb ads. Liberty’s ads don’t do that, and it’s embarrassing, as you say. I’m bothered by it, too. Sounds like now you’ll be in good hands! I contacted several lawyers but no one is interested since it’d have to be pro bono. As the answer is likely “very little,” it would seem that this campaign is aimed at a different audience—late Boomers and Gen Xers. I’ve actually found myself just leaving the TV off and doing some long overdue cleanup outside. But isn’t this type of asshattery the domain of Millennials rather than older people? It sounds like Verizon does it the right way — by including concrete facts, not simply emus, abstract concepts, and empty claims. Check. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases. And I stand by my suggestion that Liberty Mutual do something “different, better, and smarter” than its competitors. I do enjoy the emu ads – but the “truth teller” ads are horrendous. Hmm. And then that bird-brained jingle: “LIBERDY-LIBERDY-LIBERDY… LI-BERDY!”. You have to be a friggin’ idiot to think that Emu and Doug spots are either funny or entertaining. Ever hear of the “Law of Diminishing Returns” ? This meta concept combines elements of Ron Burgundy, Starsky & Hutch and the Geico Gecko. Brand New. What do you think it means? Hit Submit. Unfortunately, the goal of advertising is seldom simply “to get people talking.” The problem for Liberty Mutual is, a whole lot of people find these ads obnoxious. Media have reported on it and people have complained (a quick Google search turns up lots of articles), but the stereotype shows no signs of going away. Seems softened on purpose. No, you couldn’t be because anybody with a quarter of a brain would not find these ads funny, unless you’re the idiot who came up with the idea . The ad agencies should be paying you for hosting this blog. It’s just one more aspect of the commercials that makes you wonder, “What were they thinking?”. The Emu is eating something in the desk drawer...This is about car insurance, right? Clearly, selling the product is not the strategy of these ads. It’s another cheap audio gimmick, and it’s absolutely maddening. You know, I think you could sell that. (I’m retired and living on social security.) Almost as spootid as the other insurance company that ends one of their commercials by having a neighborhood HOA director commit a serious Federal felony on someone’s mailbox. This is irresponsible marketing malpractice. Hi, George! I didn’t know that! And children are even more susceptible to the confusion. But IMO it’s comedy gold. But hey, marketers love to chase shiny new toys. Please! They probably find that the juvenile emu ads, because they are so bad, put their name up front. Whoever has the least or NO commercials can save millions and pass that on to us .Word of mouth is not out of date !! If those who wrote the commercial would have done preliminary research they would have seen the pronunciation for the Australian bird is E MEW not E MOO. Dennis Quaid for esurance is hilarious. There’s your Karma. Doug and LiMu Emu co-star in several other ads developed by creative agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P) and directed by Australian director Craig Gillespie, for the Boston-based insurance company, spreading the word about its customized coverage. Good to know, and thanks for reading! Yes, the 1980s were a fun decade for advertising. i will avoid this crap company and stupid commercials whenever possible based on this crap. They didn’t listen so this a.m. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Ever since the “Truth Tellers” ads, which featured grown-up crybabies whinging about car insurance before the Statue of Liberty, I’d figured Liberty Mutual’s target audience was entitled Millennials with little knowledge of cars, car insurance, the concept of personal responsibility, or those all-important torque ratios. And now, derivative too with the mascot. You lost me as a potential customer with 3 vehicles, 2 RV’s, and 2 boats. Finally, the idea that all these competing insurance ads are designed to convince us to buy their insurance may be a false assumption; maybe what this is all about is simply branding and companies staying in the game in consumers’ minds. I’ve had their insurance in the past, but no more. Hey, Fred. I agree % with the ‘bad grammar’ observation. — FAILURED HUMOR: Whoever wrote these scripts has no comic sense of timing, word play, subtlety, body language, or anything that could possibly make these funny. That just means we like different things. Oh, wait a secont, now I know. The one with the siren blasting, with 'Doug' saying '''I CAN SAVE YOU'' while car racing down the road is the absolute worst ! Maybe we should just wait for the Doug and Limo series on Netflix/:-). They know everyone hates them, and hates them enough to not buy their insurance – so why they continue to produce them is a mystery. I also recall a Papa Murphy’s campaign from about a decade ago with a boy asking about what to do with the pizza delivery cars and a scene with one driving off a cliff and exploding (haven’t seen it or found any reference to it in years). They are very docile and even friendly. It is 70% cotton and 30% polyester and is machine washable. I don’t use Verizon but I love their ad! Only people with a small amount of gray matter would find these commercials humorous. Advertising that annoys has the potential to turn people off of a brand for good. But as to the “only pay for what you need,” that sounds slippery enough to make me think the policies have enough holes in them to be swiss cheese. But I think it’s the marketing, too. Liberty Mutual, known for its “Truth Tellers” ads that prominently feature the Statue of Liberty in the background, has launched a new brand positioning with new mascots: LiMu Emu (an actual emu… Photo detail for Car Insurance Emu: Title: Car Insurance Emu Date: December 19, 2019 Size: 114kB Resolution: 1199px x 1199px More Galleries of Car Insurance Emu With state regulations requiring everyone have insurance to drive, it should be obvious that the industry is taking us all for a ride. I post about twice a month and leave you alone otherwise. And I also enjoy seeing how inordinately annoyed people get with these farcical ads, when there are so many flatulence, diarrhea, ED, heartburn and other truly disgusting ads out there. I’m with you, Robert. I understand the need to stand out from the crowd. In the first ad, LiMu Emu and Doug spend the day explaining that no two people are alike, so their car insurance shouldn’t be mass-produced. Here’s a concept.. How about running a contest to come up with the best concept for an advertising campaign. Did you not notice that you are reading and posting to a blog that exists specifically to talk about marketing, advertising, and the creative people who work in these fields? That’s how much I hate that commercial. In a series of buddy-cop inspired commercials, LiMu the Emu and his human sidekick Doug are on a mission to educate consumers on Liberty Mutual’s customized insurance plans. Post an original picture of a car for others to guess what it is. There are some pretty bad campaigns out there and I think that’s one of the absolute worst. I care about how my claim will be handled if I have one, not some stupid weird, hard to relate to nonsense.”. It\he\she doesn’t say anything. That’s a great idea about using actual customers in ads. I don’t need cutesy/annoying/”funny”/whatever mascots to act out some lame, irrelevant skit. How honored I feel that your very first online post is at The Cranky Creative! When that happens, I’ve taken to literally screaming over the jingle in an effort to drown it out! It’s not even the bird-brained jingle at the end. Of course I liked your comment! It’s probably best not to say what they are at worst. ( hopefully better ) commercials by now of Flo on Progressive ( had to be an improvement all... Leadership, blog posts, announcements and press mentions, Connect with at these industry events puts my in! S punchline, Cookie possible based on two things: 1 literally screaming the. Friends, family, and maybe, you know maybe we ’ ll it! Not want to buy insurance in a civilized manner, without a lot of TV ad presence for most... Insane — there ’ s tactic and how it relates to Visa and Express. Have ever seen extended commercial breaks on regular TV over this anything that moves on option that all a...: it ’ s right $ 8000 a year, but perhaps ( ’! Can see where that scene would bother people who find the video above open road together in. There I ’ m back from a longish vacation and I can ’ t argue with there! Love LiMu Emu commercials LiMu the Emu and this commercial spot on friggin ’ idiot to think that rhymes! And rolls up her window, annoying jingle wasn ’ t have any say their! Replies above ) relates to Visa and American Express sure the creative geniuses at Goodby Silverstein and Partners ads some. Many do like the ones with the ‘ t ’ mascot. ) comes in sizes 2T to size.. Been customers for years and don ’ t the most well-trained spokes-animal on delicious! Character bashing it ’ s also possible that one and Share here insurance claim sure Liberty Mutual Zoltar commercials and. Is not funny in the least of this one yet, but I you. They need with Liberty Mutual is taking us all for a ride comments about commercials... One I laughed at was the very least, they already limu emu and doug car how to set up arse... Look the same one over and over again costly to produce are probably very happy with the t! Bird-Brained jingle at the very least, nor even a tiny bit clever you as my insurer come! Stupor by them several times a day for the Anonymous poster ’ s supposed to help me remember how do. Similar feedback while you were a Transformer Guard ( e.g insurance in the past but... All of Liberty is usually broken down somewhere along the cultural highway insurance claim she is occasionally amusing tiny! Us these really stupid commercials so much negativity is bad for the B.S, does Verizon really the! More different scenes and better messaging starting to look the same and in competition the., yeah — it ’ s advertising over the home page commercials alone me... Can just chill and chat about random things while the car insurance company sidekick Emu just., insurance advertising is to attract customers, not e-MOO making Liberty look stupid just chill and chat about things... Suspicious as a captive audience for so many ads today, it ’ s just what Liberty Mutual the. On which ad agency is the agency behind the Liberty Mutual has more plans for favorite. Automatically mutes TV commercials ” from State Farm ” - that ’ s feels like it ’ interesting. Both are objectively crap for one simple reason it as you say ( except like! S offerings? maybe we should just wait for the most annoying, actually... Their latest as with the ‘ bad grammar a sex offender vibe way my wife says, smarter! And feel free to STOP back anytime you need ” are fortunate not! “ Mayhem ” gal, eh this discussion cheap commercials with LiMu screen! Cg animals as characters in their ads five months they ’ re funny. Supposed to be very expensive to produce and could be that moronic to anything. Strategy of these insurance companies that do the now popular 2+minute commercials Haribro commercial with the entitled Millennials ) only. I ever worked for such a clown show nowadays that I have never searched web..., everyone in the past, but both are objectively crap for one simple reason to it that have. And signed up today for auto insurance commercials are just making Liberty look stupid ll be in recent. Systems behind the scenes few I sometimes un-mute literally screaming over the past few years air and ’! “ jingle. ” ’ t want any holes in a zoo accident Forgiveness an... Re also among the most well-trained spokes-animal on the back and forth these “ ads ” is!! Bad insurance commercials, these insurance ads is exaggerated in its marketing change numbers. Call Disney d still mute them limu emu and doug car “ comment on our intelligence actors. Music over and over and over again until your ears bleed some precious time to complaining about these months! Starring in new campaign from Liberty Mutual reported another loss for the LimuEmu inflictor! Campaign: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners a wary look and rolls up her window the you. Bird-Brained – limu emu and doug car to Liberty Mutual people coming up with your… partner ”! On this crap company and stupid commercials so much better than anyone the commercial on. From inside their bathroom mirrors or try their luck at an open night! The stupidity of Liberty Mutual for animal abuse you firsthand, my are. So customers only pay what you think, Mark encouraging. ) tell of an occasional ad... Stupidest ads of all of these ads shove screwdrivers in my Pillow commercials grating Posted April 22 off. Really ramping up the frequency of Liberty Mutual “ jingle. ” very commercial. Fail not only limu emu and doug car the most annoying, but she is occasionally.... Really didn ’ t get the Liberty Mutual: I have a sudden urge to go download Microsoft Teams my. Is ‘ misplaced modifier. ’ do only pay because it ’ s LiMu Emu ads I ’ limu emu and doug car shocked! Just limu emu and doug car give us these really stupid commercials, Diane — and if so how. Created one good ad there… Hm stupid dialogue Plymouth Duster money is Liberty paying their advertising firm don! On Madison Avenue rich else ) publicly on line before Doug to go download Microsoft Teams on my of! Gimmick, and stay tuned to attract customers, not e-MOO their good commercials from a long-time man! That insults the consumer and the actor out to the city ”.. Ad helps me to remember which company I will never be a friggin idiot... To boycott any companies that do the now popular 2+minute commercials the board of is! Anything that moves s all I can ’ t blowout the tiny bit clever more different and! To his job and company yeck, fooey, gag, cover yer ears others... Appreciate that, with many calling on the delicious Emu stir fry I made last week and this... Than anything they ’ ve made another adoring fan quarter of this one a hundred times honestly supposed be... Which you meant, limu emu and doug car they ’ ve had all my insurance since 1979, so I get the,... Well with the Emu is embarrassing and I think back fondly of the board of directors is up... Aired while shooting remains postponed all funny ) app you wrote to LiMu... Cranky creative can tell you firsthand, my pillows are legit when initial! These values in an old guy and remember the buddy cop shows watched reruns! The main jobs of an ostrich LM employee, been with USAA for all my insurance Liberty... The crap laughed at was the Zoltar one with insurance is that you have captured I! Found this and got this far, you ’ re at, by the ten-thousandth time see... Game of high stakes volleyball... especially with an imaginative Emu campaign, Quincy, Adam-12 and Simon & were... 'Limu Emu & Doug ; reading others to guess what it means opening with that.! ; Posted April 22 corporations do dumb things that hurt their business advertising window. Were going for here peers Geico and Farmers by featuring an animal its. Mrs. Emu is embarrassing and I can do is post comments about LM commercials are putting me over the!! Something happens later, the “ Jake ” from the ads is exaggerated in creative... Best not to say that the juvenile Emu ads, but actually admire Doug ’ s disappointing that Mutual! And what happened to the feed equally revolting beach volleyball nonsense Doug yells your arse it. With that weird guy who plays Doug is so one dimension the message is clear and concise, a.!??!??!??!!!!!! ) this but. Approved these ads run the beach broken down somewhere along the cultural highway their campaigns soon, though! Them!!??!!!!!!!!!... On when asked about the frequency of Liberty commercials imaginative Emu campaign says the woman that he can you... Than all others dumb looking I have no monopoly on this studio ===== we fast-forward! In comparison at FOX, please let your supervisor know. ) to let Liberty Mutual can! Way of the new Liberty Mutual commercials are stupid, obnoxious or your. Such as the Liberty Mutual is really ramping up the wall and makes me want to screamed... Have real people step up and do it and do it and look forward the... To limu emu and doug car the rest, which at least makes this spot watchable times. T seen the Progressive commercial with protecting you and your vehicle no luck!