(TRUE/FALSE) ​During the Cambrian Period, the Ancestral Rocky Mountains and associated basins began to form in the western part of North America. The Taconic Orogeny affected the ________ area, and occurred during the ________ Era. Each of the major continents at the beginning of the Paleozoic can be divided into two major components, a(n) ____. (TRUE/FALSE) Cordilleran orogenic activity is a result of a continental-continental collision between the Farallon and North American plates. The core and mantle became distinct layers due to the process of ________ . 3. (TRUE/FALSE) The Grenville Orogeny was the first phase in the development of the Rocky Mountains. Answer Save. From oldest to youngest, the correct order of Paleozoic sequences in North America is ________ . What is an advantage of having an exoskeleton? The Hercynian-Alleghenian Orogeny resulted in the formation of the continent of ________ . intercontinental migration was more difficult. A transgression is represented in the rock record, from bottom to top (oldest to youngest), by ____. The three basic components divisions of an ophiolite sequence are ____. The three common evaporite minerals are gypsum, anhydrite and halite. T/F: Global warming is caused in large part by the use of nuclear energy. Thus, to increase our understanding of the biogeochemical processes associated with ancient massive dolomite formation, a major new drilling campaign to study the sub-seafloor Messinian evaporite complex in the deep Mediterranean basins, using greatly enhanced drilling technology currently available within the new International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), would be timely. ________ is the study of rock relationships within a time-stratigraphic framework of related facies bounded by erosional or nondepositional surfaces. The germination of spores occurs when the environmental conditions are suitable. An extinct group of arthropods with a body divided into three lobes is a(n) ____. (TRUE/FALSE) Autotrophs make their own food. Chemical rocks are formed by chemical means that do not involve any living organisms . Some Proterozoic ________ have been mined for gemstones, tin, lithium, and micas, and some of the world's largest known mineral crystals. I Brine Evaporite deposits (, fOLII. Global ________ at the end of the Devonian led to global extinctions, reef communities ________ severely affected. Second generation of cements forms as overgrowths on concretions and, lower in the … Faunas became more diverse during the breakup of Pangaea because ____. Relatively stable, immobile parts of continents that form the foundation on which Phanerozoic. Which statement about the Hadean is accurate? Oh no! allows us to explain the origin or formation condition of evaporites. In a complete Wilson cycle, which event occurs first? Evaporation forms a large number of rocks. Present-day tectonics in the Pacific Ocean began with ____. (TRUE/FALSE) Sequences such as the Kaskaskia and Absaroka are separated by large-scale unconformities. Evaporite is a formation of sedimentary rock deposits that are created through a repeated process of evaporation of water. Today they serve as source rocks for oil and gas. _____________________ ___________________ is an important tool in geology because it allows. The SAUs are defined by geologic criteria, primarily based on depth, rock properties, and regional extents of the storage and seal formations. (TRUE/FALSE) Widespread black shales were deposited on the North American craton in the late Devonian and early Mississippian periods. a. Appalachian, Ouachita, and Cordilleran. If this wave encounters favorable conditions such as stated in the first five ingredients, it will amplify and evolve into a tropical storm or hurricane. B) competitive prices. Widespread coal deposits during the Paleozoic formed in ________ . No tectonic boundary conditions were imposed on the model. Deposits of sand and gravel that contain gold particles large enough to be recovered by panning are called ____.​, Which resource would most likely be formed in a humid environment?​. Surface water on Earth likely came from which two sources? B) geographic proximity of firms. Gypsum and halite are generally marine evaporites, and travertine is non-marine, but confusion occurs because there is a deal of overlap in the minerals present. form a new combinations and other evaporites can develop through metamorphism. During the Triassic, the climate of the low and middle latitudes was ____. (TRUE/FALSE)​ The Cambrian sedimentary deposits of the Grand Canyon represent a regressive sequence. Favorable Stratigraphic Conditions for Carbon Sequestration Exist in the Rocky Mountain Basins * ... which consists of a storage formation and an overlying regional seal formation. These sequences have been reproduced in laboratory experiments and, therefore, the physical and chemical conditions for evaporite formation are well known. Perhaps the most significant natural situation leading to desert formation is a by-product of the movement of air masses over the surface of the earth. (TRUE/FALSE) Orogens are belts of igneous and metamorphic rocks formed by the collisions of cratons. Benthic organisms that move through or live in the sediment are called ____________________. Limestone structures constructed in the marine environment by some skeletal material of living organisms are ____. How did the atmosphere of the Archean and early Proterozoic differ from Earth's present day atmosphere? ​Which group feeds on microscopic plants, animals, and nutrients in water? Asked by rafael. (TRUE/FALSE) Organic reefs are limestone structures constructed by living organisms, some of which contribute skeletal materials to the reef framework. (TRUE/FALSE) ​Africa, Antarctica, and Australia were once part of Gondwana. (TRUE/FALSE) The topography of North America during the Kaskaskia Sequence was sculpted by extensive alpine and continental glaciers. Which supercontinents existed during the Proterozoic? Who is credited with publishing the world's first true geologic map? T/F: The earliest organic reefs are known from the Ordovician Period. Pennsylvanian anthracite coal produces a ________ flame, and yields ________ heat per unit volume than bituminous coal. (TRUE/FALSE) Representatives of the Ediacaran fauna have been found on all continents except Antarctica. The nucleus or foundation of a continent is a(n) ____. What is one primary reason that there was so little diversification of life during the Archean and Paleoproterozoic?​, The boundary between the Archean and Proterozoic is marked by changes in ____.​, The next step in the Wilson cycle for the Atlantic ocean is ____.​, What happened to the carbon dioxide in Earth's early atmosphere?​, After the fragmentation of Rodinia, it reassembled to form another supercontinent, ____.​. (TRUE/FALSE) Most of the world's diamond resources formed under conditions of high heat and pressure. Any animal that eats other animals, living or dead, as a source of nutrients is a(n) ____.​, All bottom-dwelling marine organisms that live on the seafloor or within seafloor sediment are ____.​, Greatly accelerated extinction rates resulting in marked decrease in biodiversity are ____.​, The unique preservation of soft-bodied fauna in the Burgess Shale occurred because ____.​. 109. Evaporation forms a large number of rocks. ​(TRUE/FALSE) Shields are the exposed portions of cratons that contain igneous and metamorphic rocks. T/F: Orogenesis occurs along mobile belts. Which event occurred last (i.e., most recently) in North America? 110. Evaporites formed by the chemical precipitation of calcite/aragonite, gypsum, anhydrite, and halite from the evapoation of sea water. These evaporite beds are the source of the salt domes of the Gulf Coast. a. high heat, moist environment b. low temperatures, low evaporation c. low temperature, low pressure d. high temperatures, high evaporation e. low temperature, moist atmosphere Unlock Content Over 83,000 lessons in all major subjects (TRUE/FALSE) Cyclothems record the advance and retreat of marine sea ice and continental glaciers. The Na+,Mg2+,Ca2+,K+, and Cl– concentrations and the Jänecke coordinates (moleΣ2KCl+MgCl2 +CaCl2 = What were the most successful type of Paleozoic plants in non-swampy environments? False . However, authigenic apatite formation occurs in a wide range of redox conditions in modern environments and the relevant precursors can accumulate within many different types of organisms . T/F: Cordilleran orogenic activity is a result of a continental-continental collision between the Farallon and North American plates. "Rush Springs Formation," Pr, orange-brown, cross-bedded, fine-grained sandstone with some dolomite and gypsum beds. T/F: Pangaea broke apart during the Triassic period. (TRUE/FALSE) The Taconic Orogeny resulted in the closure of the Iapetus Ocean. Specifically, the paleo-topography of the Ordos Basin (three uplifts and one depression) during the deposition of the Majiagou Formation provided favorable conditions for evaporite formation. Evaporite minerals are water-soluble mineral sediments that were formed from precipitation. (TRUE/FALSE) Mountain building in western North America did not begin until the Late Cretaceous Period. T/F: Animals had begun to inhabit the land before plant species evolved. Favorable conditions for solution formation typically involve a negative value of H solution; this arises because the hydration process exceeds the lattice energy in the solute. 118. (TRUE/FALSE) The primary source for free oxygen introduced into the atmosphere during the Proterozoic was through photosynthesis. Thus, germination occurs primarily in plant and fungal species. (TRUE/FALSE) ​Black shales are especially abundant from the Late Devonian to Mississippian in North America. T/F: Invertebrates are defined as animals with shells, T/F: Devonian mass extinctions were partly caused by global tectonic changes as the collision of. Evaporite conditions in the Gulf abated later during the Jurassic and several hundred meters of normal marine limestone, limy mud, shale and sandstone accumulated in the alternately transgressing and regressing seas. The sedimentary rock record of the North American craton can be divided into six cratonic sequences. Previous studies have shown that supersaline and closed environments are favorable for the formation of evaporite minerals in dolomites . (TRUE/FALSE) Submarine hydrothermal vents, or black smokers, are plausible locations for the origin of life due to the high concentrations of oxygen being discharged. The conditions were roughly analogous to the present-day Mediterranean Sea where water from the Atlantic flows in over the rather shallow restriction at the Straits of Gibraltar. Several structural features mapped in the Basin during the study include the Charlotte High (Charlotte County), the Martin High to the … Ediacaran fauna refer primarily to ________ -bodied animals that appeared during the ________ Proterozoic. Vascular plants having flowers and seeds are called ____. That is, both solute and solvent can be recovered in chemically unchanged forms using appropriate separation methods. Florida ABSTRACT The slowly subsiding low-dip South Florida Basin centered on Florida Bay was an area of carbonate and evaporite deposition. Ionic Bonds: Why and How Ions Are Formed Ionic bonding is the type of bonding that holds salts together. Start studying U.S. Army Promotion Board Study Guide (2020). (TRUE/FALSE) The beginning of the Ouachita Orogeny was marked by a change along a region of the North American plate boundary from an active to a passive continental margin. Greatly accelerated extinction rates resulting in marked decrease in biodiversity are ____. Archean rocks can best be characterized as ________ . The stratigraphic sequence of an ophiolite assemblage from top to bottom is ____.​. D) easy entry into the industry. Flowering plants called ____________________ flourished in the Late Cretaceous. 1) All of the following are conditions which are favorable to the formation of cartels, except A) the existence of a small number of firms. In which Paleozoic continent was most of present-day North America located? Continental Permian sediments indicate that Pangaea can best be characterized as a ____. ____________________ make their own food. (TRUE/FALSE) ​The Ancestral Rockies formed via continental-continental collision along the western margin of North America. Tutorial Rating: Not … During the Proterozoic organisms belonging to the domain Eukarya became more and more abundant. James W. LaMoreaux; Publishing model Hybrid. What conditions are favorable for evaporite formation? The strongest evidence for the start of plate tectonics comes from the discovery of ________ . (TRUE/FALSE) The sudden appearance of vertebrates in the fossil record is called the Cambrian Explosion. The Gulf of Mexico began to form as North America separated from ____. (TRUE/FALSE) The completion of a Wilson cycle results in passive margins on each side of an ocean basin. Which organisms have eukaryotic cells? (TRUE/FALSE) The Archean-Proterozoic boundary at 2.5 billion years ago marks the approximate time of change in the style of crustal evolution. (TRUE/FALSE) During the Jurassic and Cretaceous, the Appalachian range was eroded into a low-lying erosional surface. This may have been triggered by the near ________ position of all of the continents, and accelerated weathering that would have ________ large amounts of carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere and resulted in global cooling. In contrast to basin deposits, extensive thin-shelf deposits are known and are thought to be the result of shallow, ephemeral seas. The heavier, highly saline water sinks to the bottom and cannot escape and therefore tends to accumulate. Precambrian time is subdivided based on ________ . (TRUE/FALSE) Some scientists believe exoskeletons developed as a protective adaptation against predation. The process occurs under only ideal conditions, but can happen in marine and non-marine environments to form rocks containing different minerals. Cyclothems result from repeated alternations of ________ , in marine and nonmarine environments, usually in areas of ________ relief. During the Cambrian, ________ were the main reef builders. A flowerless, seed-bearing plant is called a(n) ____. The Cambrian Explosion refers to the sudden appearance of ________ with ________ body parts. During the Archean, tectonic plate movements are thought to have been ________ . B) competitive prices. (TRUE/FALSE) ​Coal is a detrital (clastic) sedimentary rock. A(n) ____________________ is an animal that has, at least during part of its life cycle, a notochord, a.
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