Facundo offers a range of luxurious, high-end sipping rums that stand tall above many other brands. Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva is one of the brand’s mid-range offerings, combining a reasonable price with a huge mouthful of flavour. According to the Distilled Spirits Council, rum accounted for $2.3 billion in sales in 2019, with the ultra-premium rum category growing more than 6% year over year. Most rum manufacturers are located in the Caribbean, but this beverage is … Expect notes of apricot, cinnamon, fig and tobacco as you enjoy this drink. When choosing food to pair with the spirit, go for options with intense flavours. It’s a brand that appeals to those who have a palate for extra-aged spirits that tell a story. Ron Zacapa brings together a blend of different rums aged between six and 23 years old, giving a dry spice note alongside a decidedly mature oaky flavour. This premium brand from Barbados offers a range of spirits and dates its expertise back through five generations. Its success is continued through its rum production, with plenty of awards under its belt. It’s a staple brand that’s found in many bars across the world. We've been told that whiskey drinkers will discover the joys of an alternative brown spirit (when properly aged, that is) as rum brands finally get their Pappy Rum Winkle—some limited-release, impossibly rare rum that'll spawn a thousand dudes posting selfies on Instagram after waiting in line for 24 hours to score a bottle. There are currently three main expressions, aged three years, five years, and 12 years in bourbon barrels. The 10 year is aged for a further three years in re-charred barrels and has notes of dried fruits, cacao and a hint of oak. Using this method, the rum is fermented for a longer period of time – up to a fortnight – before being distilled, bottled and sold. Sip it neat or with one large ice cube to bring out other flavours of oak, vanilla, dried fruits and a spicy touch of cinnamon and ginger. If it burnt, it was recognised to be high-strength or overproof. It’s easy to see why. There are many rum brands, rum colors, and types of rums that have originated in parts of the world such as the Caribbean, Guatemala, Australia, India, the West Indies, Brazil, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and much more. Havana Club’s Primer Maestro Romero, Don José Navarro, describes the brand’s Añejo Blanco as “The whitest of all aged rums, the most aged of all white rums”. Crafted in Guatemala, Ron Zacapa distills its rum at 2,300 metres above sea level in the highlands of Quetzaltenango to ensure a unique-tasting spirit. The 12- and 21-year-old expressions are excellent (and the latter is relatively affordable, considering its age), and there are even older bottles like the 25-year-old Joy Anniversary Blend, which contains rum aged up to about 35 years and was created to commemorate Spence’s 20 years at the distillery. The brand’s Navy Yard rum comes in at 55% ABV, or 110 proof. The brand manufactures 6 varieties of Rum and Old Monk is popular across the world. Rum has become a popular liquor throughout the globe. 44 … The rum given to the Navy was burnt with gunpowder to check the proof of it. A lot of spice is prominent from the first taste, with a rich and warming finish. Instead of using molasses to make the spirit, sugarcane juice is fermented and distilled into something that is somewhat familiar but decidedly different. Bacardi isn’t among the best rums in the world, in our opinion, but it’s a safe choice if you want an easy to mix alcohol without overpowering character. Sugar is sometimes added to the rum, and Gabriel compares this to the dosage used in champagne production. Privateer also doesn’t rush the process of fermenting and distilling its rum. One problem that rum has faced over the years is its reputation as an unregulated, duplicitous spirit. Two new releases coming out this summer are the Isle of Fiji rum, a permanent addition to the portfolio that's aged for two to three years in ex-bourbon casks and another year in Ferrand cognac casks, and the Fiji 2005 limited-edition vintage, aged for 14 years in bourbon barrels and another year in cognac casks. Don Papa distills sugarcane from the Philippines’ sugar capital, Negros, before ageing the liquid for seven years in American oak barrels. Then, the aged rums are blended together and aged for another two months. Many best rum brands are introducing new, higher-end, and more expensive bottles in their lineup. The first is a 2004 vintage from Fiji, which is 100 percent pot still rum aged for 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels, and then another four years in American oak casks in the UK. Last year, Branker contributed her first Master Blender Collection expression called Mount Gay Pot Still Rum, which was only distilled in pot stills, instead of the usual combination of pot and column stills. Facundo’s Paraiso is arguably the brand’s best: Paraiso is Latin for “paradise” and this bottle doesn’t fall short of the title. Best rum for the money: Foursquare 2007 Cask Strength Rum. Don Papa is a premium aged, single-island rum from the Philippines, offering intricately detailed bottles with plenty of flavours to match. Take a few more sips to reveal a smokiness stemming from the ageing process inside toasted Kentucky oak barrels. Many are bottled and labelled with “151”, which is an alcohol content of 75.5%. Mount Gay’s Eclipse Rum is a gold rum with a brilliant amber colour and a strong flavour to match. A popular choice among rum-lovers, Mount Gay is the world’s oldest commercial rum distillery and has been running since 1703. Cachaça: A Brazilian white rum made from sugar cane. While there are some really expensive expressions out there on par with the most coveted bourbon or scotch, you can still get a quality bottle of rum aged for more than 20 years for less than $150, which is something of a steal. This single-vintage rum is aged for 12 years in ex-bourbon casks and offers a rich character with plenty of varied notes. Reserva Exclusiva is a dependable spirit to have in your home bar, made in a variety of still types and aged for up to 12 years in oak casks. The brand’s Añejo Gran Reserva Rum is aged for up to five years and offers a flavour profile of mixed fruit peels, pepper and hay. Also has a nice level of spice. The brand started formulating rum blends in 1860 and created a full-bodied dark rum only a few years later. What is the Best Rum? Most rums are made using sugarcane molasses, known as ‘rhum traditional’. The brand uses an ecological treatment process to transform residual water into fertiliser for its sugarcane. Bacardi is a good average rum. Choosing a quality light or gold rum … The result is an intensely flavourful drink: filled with creamy, spicy, vanilla and cinnamon notes. Mix it into a Daiquiri, a Mojito, a Dark and Stormy, or even a Zombie for best results. After either of these methods have taken place, the rum is blended and bottled or left to age. No element of the process is rushed with the Facundo brand, from selecting only the highest quality sugarcane to perfecting the fermenting and distilling. Sleek and minimalist wallets carefully selected. Hailing from Georgia, United States, Richland is an award-winning single estate distillery and holds the title of being the only single estate distillery in the States. The latest release, Pot Still Rum, is the third in Diplomático’s Distillery Collection. The brand has a slew of different expressions, including an añejo consisting of a blend of rum aged from three to ten years, a couple of single barrel releases, and an interesting Vermouth Cask Finish that spends four to six weeks in Italian oak vermouth barrels after aging in American oak for five to eight years. The 4-Year-Old rum is a white rum from Nicaragua. For XO, the age range in the blend has shifted as well, and rum aged in cognac barrels is now included. The 10 Best Rum Brands to Up Your Mojito Game. The worldwide nature of this spirit made selecting the very best a challenge. White, dark or spiced, there’s something for everyone when it comes to enjoying a good bottle of rum. On the contrary, there are specific rules regarding production, but they vary from country to country, piling on confusion for anyone trying to figure out exactly what’s inside the bottle they spent their hard-earned cash on. Overproof: Otherwise known as “Navy strength rum”, an overproof rum is a spirit with an alcohol content that’s higher than 57.5%. “The best bang-for-your-buck rum is all sipping rums from the classic rum-producing regions of Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Martinique. The brand produces its rum in Barbados, combining history, craft and expert knowledge into every bottle. This expertly-crafted spirit has complex flavours and rich notes of oak and vanilla. Holmes Cay is focused on one thing: releasing the best single cask rum it can find, with no sugar or adulterants added. Molasses: A by-product that comes from producing sugar. The smoothest rum is Ron Zacapa 23 Year Centenario, an aged rum from Guatemala that’s wonderfully complex and full-bodied. The best white rum brands we review today have been aged for just as long as the many dark rums. The Havana Club Añejo Blanco is distilled and aged in Puerto Rico for one year. Try Rhum JM’s white rum to really experience how unique the spirit is, with grassy and earthy notes that complement this pleasantly dry, unaged rhum. And there are so many bottles to explore from Plantation, including a range of single cask expressions and vintage releases from countries like Fiji, Panama, and Peru. The higher-end Ambassador is also quite good, a rum aged for a minimum of 12 years in white oak before being finished for two years in PX sherry casks. It works great for a premium Dark and Stormy recipe. It quickly grew in popularity. It’s a spirit made from sugarcane and has been made and sold in countries ranging from Nicaragua to The Philippines, Barbados and India. It’s a family-run business that’s been passed down through generations right up until modern day. You can able to pick a suitable rum brand for you through this list. Bacardi is the biggest rum distillery in Puerto Rico, but Destileria Serralles makes what might be the most popular as far as the locals are concerned: Don Q. The Hands-Down Best Bourbon Brands in 2020, The Hands-Down Best Tequila Brands in 2019, The Hands-Down Best Mezcal to Drink Right Now. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Best budget rum: Flor de Caña 4 Year Old Rum Extra Seco. It produces some of the most exceptional spirits in the world from its home in Jamaica, in the Nassau Valley. Best spiced rum: Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced Rum. How is rum made? This is high-end rum for both serious sippers and people who want to make a good cocktail. Brinley Gold Shipwreck rum is handcrafted on the beautiful island of Saint Kitts. Bacardí, one of the best-known rum brands in the world, has some excellent premium expressions with age statements, like this eight-year-old gold rum. Privateer keeps things simple in the best way possible. Still, she’s made a big impact upon some of the core expressions in the portfolio. A household name, it’s hard to go wrong with a bottle of Diplomatico. Best Rum Brands | Top Selling Rum Brands. Rum is one of the favorite alcoholic beverages with a worldwide following of party lovers. Barbados’s Mount Gay has been around in one form or another for about 300 years, but master blender Trudiann Branker has only held her title at the distillery for a little more than a year. The 10 Best Rum Brands to Drink Right Now. Of course, it should be noted that age doesn’t necessarily equal quality, but a carefully matured rum brings layers of flavor and complexity that can rival any whiskey. We took into consideration the method of distilling the spirit, the sugars and colourings added to the bottle (if any) and the authenticity of the brand itself. Some great rum brands are available for consumers on a budget, while others use the finest ingredients in the world. The molasses, a thick, dark brown syrup, are then mixed with water and yeast to produce rum. Everything Mount Gay produces is given the seal of approval by Master Blender Trudiann Branker and it’s hard to go wrong with any of the brand’s options. Founded in 1749, Appleton Estate has spent centuries perfecting its distilling methods. Particularly the case for its Navy Yard rum, the mixture is left to ferment for six days to really bring out the richness and complexity of the spirit. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, The 35 Best Gifts for Serious Whiskey Drinkers, 25 Gift Ideas for the Beer Snob in Your Life, Why We're Leaning Into Batch Cocktails Right Now, Everything We'll Miss About Bars This Winter, Blackwell's 007 Rum Marks 60 Years of Bond, The Portable Beer Keg You'll Make Great Use Of, The Orange Liqueur Still Asked for By Name, How LA-Based Mixologist ‘Hawk’ Makes A Sidecar, Three Bartenders Recommend Cognac Cocktails. It has a sweet aroma of almonds and vanilla with notes of white chocolate and orange on the palate. It combines floral and fruity notes for a unique and distinctive aroma of banana, apricot and vanilla. Enjoy it slowly to pick out each of the tasting notes. Here are 10 of the best rum—and rhum agricole—brands, in all styles, to drink this summer. It’s aged for up to 23 years in a combination of American whiskey, delicate sherry and fine Pedro Ximénez wine barrels with notes of cinnamon and ginger. Look to Barbados, Jamaica, and beyond for bottles you wouldn't dream of wasting on Coke. The trilogy is meant to showcase the different methods of distillation, so this one focuses singularly on copper pot stills. Expect additional notes of burnt sugar, toast, molasses and cinnamon spice. The most expensive rum: Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Rum. XA or “extra aged” offers an unparalleled blend of dark rums aged up to 23 years with a deep amber colour. Here are our absolute favourite rums: Here’s everything you need to know when buying your next bottle, from the best budget Rum to the smoothest rum to drink neat and everything between.
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