Scotland tourism started when things got peaceful. Find out what level each area is under and read more about the 5-level Covid-19 restrictions to plan and book ahead when considering your trip. Facts About Scotland Situated within vibrant Europe, Scotland is a progressive nation built on innovation, creativity and the fabulous warmth of its people. In 43 AD the Romans successfully invaded Britain and fought frequently with the native Scots, called the Caledonians. We have reviews of the best places to see in Scottish Highlands. The main data sources can be accessed via our Links page, or you can use the High Level Trends to view a brief overview of some our key statistics.. Our People. image caption Skye's Fairy Glen is among the many places across Scotland tourists flock to. Get to know us. Key Facts on Tourism in Scotland 2019. The earliest record of a Highland Games goes back to the 11th century when King Malcolm held a contest in the Braes of Mar to find his fastest and toughest fighting men. Scotland is a wonderful and fascinating country full of stories, legends, amazing tales, historical characters, sporting heroes, bustling cites, small towns and empty glens. Tourism contributes significantly to the Scottish economy and is vital to the economic performance and employment of towns, cities, regions and rural communities across the length and breadth of Scotland. Need help? May 11, 2018 - About Scotland - Facts, FAQs, History & Culture | VisitScotland Tourism employs 218,000 people, which accounts for more than 8% of Scottish employment across a range of occupations and skills. © Scottish Enterprise 2020. Visa and Immigration. In 2016, 207,000 people were employed in Scotland’s Sustainable Tourism Growth Sector [16]. We use cookies to give you the best experience when you browse our website. From the 1200s to the 1300s the Scottish clan … 3.15. From historic castles in Edinburgh to Scotch whiskey distilleries in the Highlands to legends of the Holy Grail, King Arthur, and the Loch Ness Monster, the tourist attractions in Scotland are intriguing, beautiful, and fun to explore. Tourism Employs 207,000 People, Around One In 12 Jobs In The Economy. There are 787 islands off the coast of Scotland, of which 130 are inhabited. Glenelg, Scotland’s only palindrome is twinned with Glenelg on Mars. The world’s first long distance TV pictures were transmitted by John Logie Baird to a room in the Grand Central Hotel on 24 May 1927. Capital Edinburgh. Tourism is one of seven growth industries in Scotland, contributing more than £4 billion to our economy each year. Getting Around Scotland… In the Trossachs, the visiting Romantic poets were charmed. Strong markets in Scotland’s leading cities drive year round occupancy, and high room rates in Glasgow and Edinburgh mean that demand for additional accommodation – particularly 4-star and above – point to significant opportunities for providers, developers and investors. • International visitors made 2.75 million overnight trips to Scotland and spent £1.9 billion in 2016. Scotland (Scots: Scotland, Scottish Gaelic: Alba [ˈal̪ˠapə] ()) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.Covering the northern third of the island of Great Britain, mainland Scotland has a 96-mile (154 km) border with England to the southeast and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the North Sea to the northeast and the Irish Sea to the south. 2017 visitor attraction figures showed exceptional performance across Scotland. The country can be roughly divided into three areas – lowlands, Highlands and islands. Over 9% Of The Sector’s Workforce Are Non- UK EU Nationals, Compared With 5% For Scotland As A Whole. Interesting facts about Scotland: Teviot Row House, Scotland – The world’s oldest student union building. What you need to know. Scotland’s relations with England, with which it was merged in 1707 to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain, have long been difficult. Everyone has an interesting fact about Scotland…… some of them are even true! For starters, Scotland was voted 'the most beautiful country in the world' by readers of The tourism sector is one of the most important for the Scottish economy with around 14 million people visiting the country each year. INSIGHT DEPARTMENT: THE KEY FACTS ON TOURISM IN 2016 1 • In 2016 just under 14.5 million overnight tourism trips were undertaken in Scotland. This lush beautiful country is bursting with green spaces, lush forests, towering mountains and vast lochs (the Scottish word for lakes!). 15.5 million visitors were attracted to Scotland in 2018, with three and a half million people coming from overseas. 2017 was also another strong year for Scottish hotels, with RevPAR and occupancy levels having increased in the main cities across the country. Scotland is a well-developed tourist destination, with tourism generally being responsible for sustaining 200,000 jobs mainly in the service sector, with tourist spending averaging at £4bn per year. Weather. Sustainable Tourism. The unicorn is a national animal of Scotland, while thistle and heather are floral emblems. When you are looking for facts about Scotland it is no surprise that the history of Scotland and Scotland tourism play a very strong part. The country you love needs you. ; You can stretch your legs hiking majestic mountainscapes, or wander pristine beaches where your footprints will be the only ones in the sand. Total spending by tourists reached nearly £5 billion in 2018, and the value of the sector to the wider economy is estimated to be £10.5 billion. Published February 2020. Welcome to, the corporate website for Scotland's national tourism organisation. 0300 013 3385. Redheads! There’s no getting away from the importance of tourism… European visitors increased 19%, with their expenditure reaching £1.1 billion, down 2% year on year. There’s no getting away from the importance of tourism… Connectivity. Scotland has an extensive railway network, with links across the country, connections to England, local commuter links to the major cities (many of which were electrified under British Rail) and freight.As of 2018, the total route length of the rail network in Scotland is 2,819 km (1,752 mi). Here you'll find a range of Scottish facts, from quirky and fun to historic and informative. Philip Freeman has speculated on the likelihood of a group of raiders adopting a name from an Indo-European root, *skot, citing the parallel in Greek skotos (σκότος), meaning "darkness, gloom". Our People. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. This means different areas of Scotland will have different restrictions. Scottish Salmon returning to spawn can leap falls 11ft high, taking off at 20mph. Safety and Inclusivity. See 5,000 year old sites in the UNESCO Heart of Neolithic Orkney, stroll along idyllic beaches and dramatic sea cliffs, get up close to amazing wildlife, and sample Orkney's delicious local produce. Despite being 5% down from 2017, overnight tourism expenditure was the third highest since 2011 and just £2 million less than in second best 2015. Scotland is more than just the land of tartan, pipe music and porridge! Coronavirus (COVID-19): FACTS poster including translations and accessible formats. The word ‘clan’ is from the Gaelic clan meaning children. Visitors from “Other countries” including Australia, New Zealand, China and India accounted for 666,000 trips and £539 million spend, growing 4.0% and 9% respectively. Edinburgh is on the same latitude as Moscow, The oldest subscription library in Britain opened in 1741 in Leadhills, Lanarkshire. Famous for kilts, bagpipes, haggis and outstanding natural beauty, Scotland is a country that boasts much culture and tradition. 20 fun facts about Edinburgh. Improve productivity and employee engagement, Growth Sectors Statistics Database, Scottish Government, Regional GVA (income approach), Office for National Statistics, Great Britain Tourism Survey, International Passenger Survey, Office for National Statistics, Economic Trends Survey, January 2020, Scottish Enterprise (unpublished data). Scotland's Innovations. The Scottish government attributed the rise to factors including the popularity of the Scotland-set television series Outlander, digital campaigns by tourism agency VisitScotland, and … The significance of tourism in the Highlands and Islands is greater than the rest of Scotland, representing up to 43% of employment in areas such as the Cairngorms National Park compared with 8% in Scotland overall.