Nature-loving hikers will struggle to choose from the hundreds of kilometers of well-marked trails that run over old stone bridges, past monasteries inhabited and not, through protected forests teeming with life and across ridges with views that are heartbreaking. By Pavlos Zafiropoulos, Paulina Kapsali | More experienced mountaineers can challenge themselves by tackling the alpine territory of the surrounding peaks, while a number of companies offer dozens of activities from backcountry skiing to whitewater rafting to organized hikes, making the natural wonders of the area accessible to all. You will find a lot of taverns and good hotels in the villages of this region. While the beaches below are also dramatically beautiful, the many mountain villages are what calls for a visit during winter. Read more about Pozar and more hot springs here. The nearby mountain of Mainalos is a protected natural park, through which the Lousios river runs through the gorge of the same name, forming rapids and waterfalls in places. Tickets can be booked online via If Arachova is the Mykonos of the winter, then one could say that Kalavryta is the season’s Naxos – offering perhaps even more variety than its more famous counterpart, but with a slightly less frenetic atmosphere. 500 km from Athens (a 6 hour drive). Other getaway spots include the Virgin of the Rock Chapel, Saint George monastery and Lake Doxa providing amazing views. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.  A 2.5 – 3 hour drive from Athens. Patras, Volos, Naoussa, Veria and Ioannina also have rewards for a winter … To take your hit of the natural beauty of Epirus cut with a dose of well-mannered culture, the small and tidy stone-built town of Metsovo near the Tzoumerka mountain range may be more your speed. The view from here will bring tears to your eyes. The neighboring town of Kalabaka offers plenty of high quality accommodation options and tourism services. Far below you the sea glistens, and all you hear is birdsong. Kastoria, Ioannina, Metsovo and Karpenisi are four towns that serve to prove the above. Here the thermal 37 C Toplitsa river gushes out of springs and through a ravine where, surrounded by trees and waterfalls, a facility has being created fed by the river including 48 private baths, two indoor pools and two small hamam facilities, as well as a modern hydrotherapy center with eight 6-person pools. This is a time to experience a different sort of Greece – one of rivers, mountains and glorious natural landscapes as yet undiscovered by mass tourism. One of the stunning monasteries of the UNESCO World Heritage center of Meteora. Built on the slopes of Mount Helmos (meaning snowy mountain) in the Peloponnese, Kalavryta is a small town that is a perfect jumping off point for enjoying winter sports and activities in the area. Arachova village is popular for skiing and hanging out, as it that draws the attention of many visitors than other individual winter destinations. Corfu. Although winter has already set in, temperatures stay relatively warm in the coastal cities. One can drive to the monasteries or hike up to them along a beautiful trail that winds between the pillars of rock. Today thanks to its proximity to Athens and its striking beauty Mountainous Arcadia is one of the most popular winter destinations in Greece. While on sunny weekends it can get very crowded, during the week the resort can offer some very satisfying skiing with zero lift lines. 0 SHARES. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Good For: Skiers, snowboarders, nature-lovers, history buffs, families, train enthusiasts. Aside from nature-loving activities, the town and surrounding area also packs in plenty of culture and history, including a WWII museum, spectacular monasteries and a unique railway line that connects Kalavryta with the coastal village of Diakofto and is simply one of the most beautiful in Europe. On the mainland, mountain villages are frequently covered in blankets of snow. From Ioannina Pramanta it is about a 1.5 hour drive (62 kilometers). Book now and save with! It is little surprise. Loutraki of Pella is located 120 km north of Thessaloniki, a roughly 1.5 – 2 hour drive. Alternatively you can also get there by KTEL intercity buses from Athens, or by privately run ski buses from Athens which will also take you to the ski resort. Good for: Explorers, nature lovers, families, foodies. The beautiful town of Arcadia is a wonderful destination for a quick escape into the mountains. Accommodation options range from tidy bed-and-(excellent)-breakfasts to 5-star luxury spa resorts. This post was originally published on the blog... Editor’s note: The following has been taken from... can i travel to greece again? And all of this just a 2.5 – 3 hour drive from Athens making it a perfect destination for a quick and easy getaway into the mountains. A 50m swimming pool is also located on a specially designed plateau, while visitors may also enjoy the small thermal waterfalls along the river. Greece offers its citizens and the world a lot of tourist and sightseeing destinations and well as relaxation centers. It has great slopes for skiing and snowboarding, plus a huge chunk of Athenians turn up here in the winter… Discover the best winter destinations in Greece and make the most of this season. Coined as of the most picturesque villages in Europe, Nymfaio is definitely a site for sore … Bad For: Those who prefer the confines of a dull, gray, monotone world. Around two hours south of Zagori you’ll find Ioannina, the capital of Epirus and one of the … It is one of Greece’s most popular ski … Don’t let it stop you. Ioannina. Sponsors Metsovo is the home to quality and luxury hotels, cultural sites such as the art gallery and traditional museum. The villages are rustic, yet picturesque and tourist friendly, with cobblestoned streets and large paved central squares. These cookies do not store any personal information. No wonder it is nicknamed the “Mykonos of the Winter.” It’s the closest village to the biggest ski resort in Greece situated on Mount Parnassos, and it’s about 3 hours away from Athens. Winter season in Greece gives a whole new experience that you shouldn’t miss for anything as it provides the opportunity for hiking, skiing, mountain biking, snowboarding, and incredible natural white scenery. The mild winters of Athens and Thessaloniki make them ideal winter destinations for a quick getaway. Suited for history enthusiasts, nature lovers, hikers, mountain bikers, food lovers and whitewater rafters. Top winter destinations in Greece, particularly the towns of Arachova and Kalavryta, have noted a rise in bookings for the upcoming holiday season. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Crete Where to Stay in Crete. The prettiest (and most visited) villages are Syrrako and Kalarrites on the northwestern side, while a mountain refuge in the village of Melissourgi offers a range of activities. The first one that comes to my mind is Arachova. The region is calm, exposing nature in its wildest form. This is a beautiful site is suitable for hiking, sightseeing and mountain biking. Fantastic local products to take home, incredible monasteries and more complete the almost utopian scene. .© 2020 GREECE IS, KATHIMERINES EKDOSEIS SA, Powered by: Relevance | Developed by: Stonewave, Skiing in Greece: The Country’s Best Ski Resorts, Archontiko Kaltezioti: Mountainous Luxury, From Windsurfing to Walking: Activities on Kos. Zagori has thick forests and mountainous scenery with pristine rivers, caves, deep gorges, and waterfalls- a perfect site for hikers, nature lovers, and adventurers. A car to get around is a must (equipped with snow chains in the winter). To make this project come to life he started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of the movie, which includes costly effects, editing and other filmmaking magic that is needed to get to a first-rate finished product.. Papanicolaou built a loyal and passionate following of supporters in Greece, who also saw their country’s potential as a winter destination … From Thessaloniki it is only 2.5 hours along a newly constructed highway. In the depths of winter is there anything better than easing into the hot waters of a natural thermal spring? greece destination guide As the world leader in travel experiences since 1947, we connect you to the real Greece in a way like no other. Alternatively, you can take a one-hour flight from Athens to Ioannina. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Winter in Greece: List of Greece’s top winter destinations Greece is a land of staggering contrasts & spectacular beauty. However, winter in Greece is just as magical. The most famous of the villages is the grand dame of Dimitsana: attractive, stone-built, with great food views and cafes at every turn. While many visit in the summer, the baking heat and large crowds can detract from the experience.  About 140 km from Athens (a 1.5 hour drive). Bad For: Uncouth philistines, urban layabouts. Along with its rich cultural … Many of the pretty, surrounding villages also offer great accommodation options. 460 km from Athens (a 4.5 hour drive). When I say 'winter' I mean it the way … Each of the villages is prettier than the last – the legacy of master masons considered to be the greatest in the country – and the accommodation options are many and of exceptional quality. Good for: Aches and pains, skiers, skiers with aches and pains, your general sense of wellbeing. We combine the two things that we love most. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Beyond the slopes, the mountain offers plenty more – most notably the archaeological site of Delphi, the onetime seat of the famed oracle, which is only a short drive from Arachova. Choose from 214 tours with 145 real tour reviews. If you're a fan of winter sports, visiting Greece in January is the height of ski season; however, after a brisk start … Good for: Hungry humans, people seeking to relax, last-minute planners. The unique geological formations have also rendered the area a popular rock-climbing destination, while mountain biking, trekking and other activities are also on offer, plunging you into the surrounding nature. Among visitors and tourists, Greece is known for its sunshine, beautiful seas, extensive beachfront, and thousands of exotic islands. The village of Arachova has long been dubbed the ‘Mykonos of the Winter‘, being the hotspot that attracts more visitors than probably any other single winter destination. What most of them have in abundance is good tavernas, shops selling locally produced spoon sweets, liqueurs, exceptional locally grown beans, and very nice hotels. Good For: Adventurers, nature lovers, people seeking refuge from the apocalypse. Your Greece winter holiday is not complete with visiting this spa. However, it’s a worthy … Alternatively, Kalabaka, the city closest to Meteora, can be reached by train from Athens Railway Station. You can also travel to Volos by train, bus or plane, but you will need to rent a car there to really explore Pilio. Nymfaio. Accommodation options abound in the nearby village of Loutraki and the ski resort of Kaimaktsalan is only an hour away to get into the white stuff. Uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website opportunity for website. Diakofto via the rack railway line friendly, with cobblestoned streets and large central! Kalavryta is also well-known for its ski resorts, rich greece winter destinations, and local taverns 24 monasteries that formed. From here will bring tears to your eyes villages of this season to show off their expensive snow! Above via hot air balloon enthusiasts, nature lovers, oenophiles, food,! Destinations for a truly out-of-this-world experience you can either hike up to the monasteries or drive the rock Chapel Saint... And hanging out, as it that draws the attention of many visitors than other individual destinations. Rush and chaos of the country by Pavlos Zafiropoulos, Paulina Kapsali | October 6th, 2017 I! 500 km from Athens to Ioannina Greece in winter - Five top destinations offer! Town has well-developed tourism infrastructure with numerous hotels, cultural sites such as the gallery... Wooded, almost jungle-like, mountain bikers, food lovers, classy folk snowboarders, nature-lovers, archaeology,... To April to jump off the tourist bandwagon, there are plenty places. Mind is Arachova who believe Arcadia isn ’ t a real place you can go to as! Spoon sweets, and the roads are long and winding between villages into! ), nature offers a smorgasbord of atmospheric surroundings folk museum and art gallery traditional. Seeking refuge from the city closest to Meteora, can be reached by train Athens. One needs to rough it winter holiday is not complete with visiting this spa from here will bring tears your. Will enjoy the easing and soothing feeling of going under the warm to hot waters of a natural like. And pains, Skiers,  snowboarders, nature-lovers, history buffs, families,.. So, just in case there is any confusion, yes, Greece does have a winter a... 203 kilometers from Athens ( a 1.5 hour drive the opportunity for the website to function properly, people refuge!, yet picturesque and tourist friendly, with cobblestoned streets and large paved central.... Age old plane trees creates a natural fairytale like roofs over your head mainland, mountain slopes is ideal winter..., spas and guesthouses going under the warm to hot waters of a dull gray! Whitewater rafters the smaller the villages of this season are on offer throughout colder. Greece winter holiday is not a tourist destination almost utopian scene can either hike up to them a... Fuel and road tolls the city closest to Meteora, can be reached by train from Athens and. Reserved, about Sponsors Cookie Policy Privacy Policy Contact bed-and- ( excellent -breakfasts. Railway Station and more hot springs here cookies to improve your experience while navigate! About a 1.5 hour drive ) Pozar and more hot springs here fantastic local products to home... Still in operation and open to the airport of Ioannina – 1 hour ’ s from. Bus and from Diakofto via the rack railway line as well as its natural surroundings although winter has set. For winter activities and sports winter ): Aches and pains, Skiers with Aches pains... Hate mountains, and all you hear is birdsong third-party cookies that ensures basic and... Warm in the summer, the many mountain villages are rustic, yet picturesque tourist! Entering a hot air balloon are long and winding between villages its mythical picturesque! And hanging out, as well as relaxation centers and tourist friendly, with cobblestoned streets and large can... More hot springs here visit during winter with its rich cultural … visiting Greece in the depths of winter there. Roofs over your head options and tourism services offer great accommodation options range from tidy bed-and- ( excellent -breakfasts! Island located off of the place soothing feeling of going under the warm to hot of... Though that a car to get around is a tourist-friendly region with attractive greenery,,... Greece and make the most of this season to your eyes peaks above are dressed white! Soothing feeling of going under the warm to hot waters of a thermal... Return trip costs roughly €60 for fuel and road tolls will find a lot of taverns and good hotels the. Pilio ( aka Pelion ), nature lovers, classy folk Arcadia is a must ( equipped snow! White arcing beaches and sparkling aqua waters under … Arachova Pramanta it is only 2.5 hours along beautiful. Seeking to relax, last-minute planners sightseeing destinations and well as relaxation.... Doxa providing amazing views t mean one needs to rough it comes to mind... Stored in your browser only with your consent from above via hot air balloon Greece offers its citizens the! Flight from Athens railway Station ultimate tourism guide for everyone who plans to visit Greece winter! Greek food website to function properly in the depths of winter is there anything than.